Hot Hunk At the Mall a Few Hour Ago…

When I walked in the mall I was approached by the MOST gorgeous European man.  He was 29.  He owns some make-up store booths in 4  different cities.  He took well over a half hour doing my make up for FREE ~~~ it’s supposed to be $45.  I wasn’t even wearing anything spectacualr and I thought I looked a little dull today.  Well – I guess he didn’t think so.  He grinded his cock softly against my knees the whole time.  Cunt say I minded.  Nope.  Not in the least.  It made me more than a little bit wet.  His eyes were to die for.  I could go for a nice longgggg swim in those luxurious brown fuckers. 

After he was finished  he gave me his number and asked if he could take me out tonight after I was finished my birthday dinner.  I’m not telling what will happen next.  I suppose you will just have to ask me.

I left on cloud nine, went to the washroom and sopped up the cum in my panties.  And how was your day?

Oh yeah – I ended up getting a hot black short skirt, shiny black pantyhose, 2 eye shadows from hotman, a manicure set plus lunch.  A young girl at the food counter didn’t have enough  $ for her lunch so I bought it for her.  She was pleasantly startled.

That guy was sooooooo fucking HOT.  I did tell him I was a dominatrix.  We’ll see what transpires next ! ! !

Gorgeous isn’t the wod for him.  The right word is “spectacular”.


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