Hot Red Bra.

Not last night but the night before was when my pal died.  The next day (yesterday) I was very thankful that my friend Jo jo Hoe came to visit from my cottage ~~~ where I used to have my cottage when I was a kid.  I was SUPER glad for the distraction from my grief.  She Took Me for lunch for my birthday ~~~~ which is on July 4th.  We also went shopping and tot he casino.  I always only spend a whopping $20 at the casino because I’m not a fucking idiot.  Jo told me about how she and 3 friends went to Casino Rama overnight a few months ago and her sister was escorted off the gaming floor for being to enebriated  – blah hahahaha  hahaha.  Hot married workaholics blowing off a little steam and getting escorted out ~~ hahahahahah….  that shit is toooo funny.  Yesterday was a great day for her to show up ~~~ perfect timing for certain.

Last night something funny happened.  I was wearing tight sexy short capris jeans, brown leather sandal HIGH heels, a white see throughish flowing  blouse and a red bra plus wetlook longggg blonde hair.  When I went to pimp (oops a Freudian slip – I meant PUMP) gas EVERY single guy was staring at my ample PERFECT creamy tits through my blouse.  I think it was more see through than I thought.  I was also wearing red sequined dangly gorgeous new earrings.  HONESTLY — I could be a bra model becasue my tits looked like PERFECTION in that lacy racy new red bra — huge, jiggly and perfection.  I also got a new bra exactly the same in black – size D titties look great on my Marilyn Monroe shaped body!!!  If I was a guy I would looove to fuck my tits.  When I showed up at the boyfriend’s house ~~~ he was mowing his lawn and almost jizzed as soon as he saw me.  Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! ! ! @#!@#^ Hot as SHIT.  Honestly.

I take posession of My new home on July 26th.  I have my house I’m in now rented to a young couple with baby.  🙂 Yes.  Perfect scenerio.


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