Rest In Peace…

Well, my dog ended up dying.  He was BY FAR the best friend I had.  He was with me 24/7.  I can’t even BELIEVE it.  I’m sure he’s in heaven though.  An odd thing happened the night he died — while I was driving I was listening to my radio and I said in my head “It would be really neat if my dog dedicated a few songs to me on the radio until I reached my destination.”   Then I was thinking about how my dog was my little angel – I always called him my little angel.  The VERY next song that came on was “Girl You’re My Angel”  – like he was singing it to me.  All the words were exactly what I would looove for him to say to me.  THEN ~~ the next song after that was about how the singer just saw Hailey’s Comet and was on their was to the moon — blah blah blah — just like how my dog was on his way to heaven and seeing all the galaxies first.  I of course started crying but the truth be known I have been crying a lot these days anyways.  Now I have the remainder of the HUGE bill to deal with because it will take a while to be re-imbursed by the bastard responsible. 

At least my best friend is done the suffering.  At least he’s happier now.  Death only hurts the living.  I hope they’re feeding him people food.  That’s all he really likes.  He also likes to be carried up and down the stairs.  I’ll never stop loving him.


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