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About Last Night

July 30, 2010

I ended up going out for a bit.  I wore tight sexy jeans, new black ralph lauren tight shirt and sexy ass shoes.  I ended up buying “George” a few drinks.  He’s mentally challenged so I think I get some brownie points for that.  He didn’t stop talking but was very very nice which is more than I can say for most people.  I don’t understand how people can give him dirty looks for being different.  I actually feel blessed that I have near genius IQ and don’t feel threatened by hanging around someone who isn’t as fortunate in the brains department.  I mean really – it’s not HIS fault he was BORN that way.  People should be more secure in themselves and nicer all around.

I ended up chatting up some 25 year old.  I look really young actually, not that I’m old.

I’m going to my other house soon for a few hours.  I may have a package from a new real life sub.  Yayyyyy.

I will be available for calls A LOT this weekend.

Sissygloria, where has My new little bitch gone??

I look really hot lately.  I swear I’m getting hotter by the day.  My face looks prettier especially.  Will wonders ever cease?

Three bathrooms are COMPLETELY renovated now.  I am going to let subs do the rest of the house I thinketh.  I am just plain plum sick of painting.

Call Me this weekend……………………. DON’T FORGET.  I actually feel like chatting and using some bitches for my pleasure.

Men are morons and I didn’t find myself attracted to any last night.  I rarely ever do in fact.  I’ve OD’d on cock my whole life.  Sincerely.  Now I’m just fairly full.  The sight of them does nothing for me.  A wiggly squishy flab of skin between your legs.  How exciting.  Not.  I get anyone I want whenver I want so yours isn’t very damn special – at all.

Have a grand day.  I will.  Although my boyfriend/sub is kind of fucking annoying.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.



July 28, 2010

I like it very much when sissies and such comment on my blog.  As the Churchlady says “Isn’t that special”.  Keep reading.  And, IF you live close to me I may even allow you to lick my toilets clean for me someday and then crawl around my home with your  ass in the air and a peacock feather stuck up your hot little  asshole.  Yum yum.

Still at it.

July 28, 2010

Sabrina is still finishing her bathroom but mine is done done done.  Hers is like an ocean blue and mine is purple.  Mine’s pretty gay actually so I’m going to do something a little different to it in the future – paint stripes and give it a wallpaper feel.

Sabrina and I are going for massage appointments at 1 pm today – should be fun.

I have been having a shitload of sex lately – when I’m a bit stressed out I fuck even more than usual – if that’s even possible.  The sex feels especailly incredible lately.  I am SUCH a fucking nymphomaniac.  Sex in the morning, sex at night, everyday.  Often more.  Rarely less.  Animalistic, beastly gushing orgasms where I layer on at least 3 towels under my perfect buttox.  I think I’ll collect a few more regular sex partners in the near future.  I need MORE.  This weekend is actually primed for a whole lot of fucking and christening most rooms in the new house.  I cannot wait to have brand new subs here.  This house is the bomb.  I have worked wonders thus far.  My ex husband saw it and looked duly impressed as did his control freak wifey.   She’s actually pretty fun to annoy.

SEX SEX SEX… besides home renos that’s really all that mattered to me today.  I love Phillip DeFranco on youtube as well.

I wish I could find my Atlas Shrugged book.  I am going to make a reading nook in the livingroom in the future.

I have been making amazzzing dinners in this new home – citrus chicken with basmati rice, mushroom pork chops and mashed potatos and delicious crap like that.

I need subs to call me within the next few days because my placement on niteflirt sucks as I’ve been away for the better part of two weeks.  My bottom line reflects this.  If you’re reading this you should surprise me with a TRIBUTE to make me feel better.  Seriously.  Really.

I couldn’t get Sabrina out of bed thismorning and I felt like bashing her in the face.  Fucking annoying as shit.  However – since SHE is WORKING now at her first ever job she decided to take me out last night for — lobster, snow crab, escargot, shrimp etc etc.  She’s sometimes a good girl.  It was really really fun.  I do like her a lot and thank God I have one REALLY fun friend who hasn’t gone and gotten old.  I hate when my friends grow up and get all cranky and responsible.  I drive them fucking nuts becasue I barely work – well I do actually but in different ways than most.  I Love My life.  I’d hate to be anyone else.  I do wish I was done more of this house though.

So what’s new with you anyways?  Anything new and interesting going on?

I remember speaking to a sub long ago who insimuated that I waste a lot of my time… boy did I set him straight.  My quality of life is phenominal… Is that how you spell phenominal?

I AM LOOKING FOR MORE REAL TIME SUBS TO SERVE ME AT MY HOME.  I am having withdrawal.  Apply within ! ! !


July 21, 2010

So much renovating and cleaning.  I’ll tell you about it later.  Sabrina is helping and waiting in the car right now.    Bye for now SLUTS ! ! ! ! !

Want to know something funny?

July 20, 2010

My rat will eat pretty much everything  – he especially loves macaroni and cheese.  He picks each bit up in his hands and eats it like a person.  It’s reallly cute.  I’m always putting neat food in his cage to eat – strawberries, yams, croissants, etc etc.  The other day I put a piece of spinach in and he wouldn’t even grab it – so I put it in his food dish.  I came back about an hour later to discover that he had thrown the spinach outside of his cage.  That’s a first.  hahahahaha  It’s official – kids and rats hate spinach.

Still Moving

July 20, 2010

Completely renovated a fucking disgusting bathroom yesterday with dark black stranger pubes all over it.  Sick shit indeedy.  I did it a lemony minty light light green with black accents – mirror, bowls, artwork etc.  I also incorporated some brown in it.  It was soooo much work it was insane and I was sweating like a friggin’ pig.   It turned out amazing.  It has brown hardwood floor which needs to be replaced becasue wood and bathrooms do not mix.  I’m also still unpacking lotsa’ shit.  I gave myself 6 weeks to be out of my house I’m in now.  I have to do a few things to get ready for the new young couple renters of this house.

Today I’m going out for lunch with Sabrina – my friend and 18 yo Domme in training.  Oh yeahhh ~~~ I received 2! new pairs of uber exciting shoes in the mail from a sub I will be meeting in a few months.  He seems like a fairly classy guy.  He’s a fair bit older than me but I do think of them all as young boys.  The shoes have buckles and clamps and zippers oh my.  I sure as hell deserve them.  More than anyone I’ve met lately.  I just wish I could clone myself a bunch of times and be my mother, daughter, friend and lover.  That would be pure fucking BLISSS>.  Really.

Have a nice day.  I’m fairly guaranteed to.  Although I have to varsol some paint markls off the damn floor.  No good deed goes unpunished.

I’m not telling why I had to write ONE MORE THING.

July 17, 2010

Guess why.






My Favourite Words….or combination thereof

July 17, 2010





-a pair of each colour

-they’re in the mail (because they usually are)

-A male who says :  “I think I have a problem becasue I never come.”

My New Rat

July 17, 2010

White and brown

Creepy and cute

Hope he never

Gets squashed by a boot.

Bewildered and scared

Happy and brave

So so innocent

Of course!  He’ll behave.

Hungry and warm

Full and hot

A naive fat pussy

He certainly is not.

I’ll leave the cowardice

To all you boys

A rat he is by nature

What’s your excuse?

I DO Have Pics you know…

July 17, 2010

BUT—–  I don’t sell them.  Do you really think I just want any old asshole able to ogle my ta tas ?  No, I only want my favourite assholes to be able to.  Besides…  tons of subs get to actually see what I look like in person at my home anyways.  Oh —- I have two pairs of reallly expensive shoes coming in the mail from a sub I will meet within a few months.

Oh ~ and Josh/Mike….  you really could have been a good little bitch if you would have tried harder.  Seriously.  You think too much.  And usually just about a pile of stupid shit.

I’m going back to my new house soon to do some more unpacking.  I have a sub there right now unpacking for me and probably sniffing my panties as we speak.  I would like to actually watch him lick vile substances off them.  However, nothing is vile about any of my substances.  Want to mail me some goodies to transplant in those frilly suckers?  Mmmmmm !!!@! #!~@#$%#

My new pet rat has a very very very long creepy tail.  I like him.  I kind of inherited him.  He’s really happy when I’m in the room with him.   I like to feed him Kraft dinner.  He holds it and eats each individual piece.  He’s the size of a fairly big kitten actually.  Hahahahaha — I JUST thought of something.  He WILL come in handy with subs at my home in the future.  Oh yeahhhhh …

Talking about subs — I brought the worker moving boys (not the young ones) subs for lunch.  They were delicious.  And the food subs weren’t bad either.  I guess I can’t take my rat and the cage with me everywhere like my dog.  Or can I ?