On Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead… Dominique Francon

She annoys the fuck out of me in that book.  She runs around trying to foil Howard Rourke’s projects and making sure he doesn’t get any new clients.  Then the reasons for this retardation are sooo gay and vague and all out stupid and silly.  She’s respected in the book for reasons unknown to me becasue all she is is a whiny, silver spoon fed thin waifish woman who is boring and predictable.  She runs around being what she thinks is so original when really she is just a bored hairbrained female who has nothing better to do than fuck with people’s lives.  She never accomplishes anything herself in the book and all her thoughts revolve around Howard.  Get a fucking life chicky poo.  Also you should have been whipping  Howard’s ass from the start and shutting your fucking mouth.  Also her description makes her sound like an ugly anorexic model.  I can’t even believe that some readers could look up to this twit.  She is an embarassing female lead and I feel like ripping her panties down and watching two diseased spics bend her over and ram her asshole till it bleeds.  Then blow a big smelly glow in the dark load all over her face and watch the slime drip into her n=mouth.  Both men then spit in her face, bitch slap her, call her a boring, unoriginal ugly person, kick her in the gut and make her work in a  peanut factory for the rest of her life.  Then someone should have her vagina sewn up for good.  Once a month she can watch videos of Howard Roarke fucking people like Hillary Clinton, Jenna James and Madonna while dominique  fucking drools ! ! ! !  Woman who actually ACCOMPLISH something.   hahahahahaha


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