A Letter JUST sent to me from the main sub/boyfriend….



I am sitting here doing boring invoices thinking about how I fuck you all the time and how different the experience is every single time.


The best look that I think you ever had is when we went to the movies the 2nd week we knew each other, you remember the time I asked you to be my girlfriend.  I could not have imagined you to say yes to me because I thought that you deserved the most handsome man with the biggest cock in the world.  But I am a mere mortal and you will have to continue to “slum” it.


You are the best women in the world and I could not imagine any better sex.


You are so good in bed it is stupid.  And you are so sexy with your high heels on and thigh high leather boots in red and black.


I am soooo glad that you love me and my look.  Maybe we should take another motorcycle adventure on a warm summer night and you can have a few drinks and then we can take an off road little adventure.  You would be wearing your leather mini skirt with no panties on.  You would have garters and some fishnets that extended just above your thigh high leather boots.   The guys would have been looking at you all night salivating and knowing how lucky I was to be fucking you.  I would not take my soft black leather gloves that had just been used for driving that big fast machine off until I shoved my fingers into you and got you so horny that you grabbed my cock and started jerking it with your long leather gloves.  You would look up at me wearing my leather jacket and hot leather gloves and demand that I fuck you again.  I would lick your cunt and then fuck you on my gas tank until the cum streamed down.  You would squirt copious amounts of cum on my seat and you would soak my leather jacket and gloves making it look as though I had sex with 3 women in an orgy.  I would not clean the cum off and it would discolor a spot on the tank and I would always think of you when I was driving my bike. My cock would always be hard as I accelerated to get my surge of energy, always thinking about my hot girlfriend that loves it when I stuff my fat cock into her steaming cunt.



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