I’m letting oriental Sammy take Sabrina and I out for dinner.  We’re going to a nice steakhouse becasue I like lotsa’  blood.   Yum yum.  I also love the “mushrooms neptune” there.  And I’m sure my piss will be a smellin’ with all that arparagus.  Sabrina’s really looking forward to it becasue she’s only 18 so she doesn’t often go to really nice places  – unless I take her.  She’s too fussy to date much but once in a while she’ll let some band boy hunk throw it into her.  And then there was the time that we went out that she fucked a married guy at his house -all night long- while his family was in Italy.  I banged one of the other fellows.  She fucked that guy all night long -he was 37- and she said that he was the best she ever had.  He kept calling her after that to meet up again.  I was smart enought not to give my guy my number ~~~ been there done that.  We have some of the “funnest” times together.  I remember years ago having Sabrina over and I picked us up two 20 yo guys from the bar (she was already at my home overseeing another sub cleaning for me).  Then I fucked one of the 20 year olds all night long while she called her 16 yo booty call over to bang all night.  There was one odd man out 😦 .  I should have banged him too.  I did feel like a cradle robber when I dropped the two 2o year olds off at one of their dad’s bars and the dad and his friends were only a bit older than me.  Can you say “cradle robber” ?  I loooove robbing the cradle and a few years ago I could have gotten into a sincere amount of shit.  I loooooooved that Mrs. Robinson affair which lasted 2 whole summers actually.  That poor young man will never be the same ~~~ in a good way of course. 😉

You know ~~~ I can tell you anything I like on the phone but I don’t always like to put some things in writing.  You know how it is.


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