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This is what we did yesterday (Like you even deserve to know…tehehehe)…

April 30, 2010


-Spankings (of course but I couldn’t do it TOO hard as I have a cut on my finger)

-Whipping….  purple small suede tassle and long black leather tassle

-CROP whilst riding the poor boy like a horse  😉

-Attached nipple clamps to his tits but since his nipples were SOOO small I had to attach them to his balls instead.  When I pulled the chain his penis did a sort of puppet show

-Dry fucked his ass while he was bent over my kitchen counter….  can you say “teaaaase” ?

-Foot massage and licking my HOT boots!

-Blindfolded him, handcuffed him and tickled him with a long feather thing.  That was fun.  I also did other things while he was in this position like press my boots into him, smother his face etc etc.

-Used him as my footstool becasue I actually felt like having my feet elevated while I watched CSI and listened to jazzzzz.  I like my human footstools to rock slowwwwly.

-I had him strip for me with a spotlight on him and jerk it for me.

I can’t remember what else but he is a good one.  I look forward to having him over each and every week ~ unless he fucks it up.  He’s a very polite oriental fellow (they make SUPER subs often) and even bowed when he left.  I very much look forward to training this one.  Now that burning yearning in me to acquire more and more regular subs is a tad quenched for now.  Until the hunger rips open my very being again and blood starts oozing out of my pores.  Spilling and dripping onto the floor and the deep sticky red coagulates  and collects itself into tendrils of flesh shaped claws which reach for the sky.  Always searching for fresh nice meeet to serve the only real genuine Goddess who I have ever found.  The bright sun shines down once she finds what she deserves and smiles.  For all is right in the universe again and she wins.


He Just Left

April 29, 2010

I allowed him to serve me for an hour and a half.  It was a fantastic intitial meeting as I can tell he was genuinely submissive !!!!

I am allowing him to come next week.  He is a very friendly oriental fellow and I will tell you about what we did later on today (or tomorrow but probably today).

I am very very happy about the whole dealio.  Finding a real sub is like finding an oyster in a haystack.

I Have a Sub coming over..

April 29, 2010

… in a few hours so I won’t be around for awhile today.  A brand NEW sub !!!

I’d better hurry up, clean up, set the stage and get gorgeous !!!!

I’m a Psychotic Nutbar

April 28, 2010

I just went and bought 6! more corsets, one corset type dress and crotchless black fishnets on E-bay.  I cunt wait till they get here and don’t worry ~ you know you’ll be hearing all about them.

Tonight I have to oversee a home inspection on the newest house acquisition !  Should be fun.

Today I’m grocery shopping, going out for lunch and some secret things also ~ probably.  I may do a cycling class (called spinning) at the gym today as well.  Those classes are somewhat gruelling !!!!

A Busy Day Today

April 28, 2010

I had to put my regular Wed. sub on hold for a while.  He shall be sorely missed.  However, I have always realized something very important – people will give you as little or as much as you demand so I MUST keep my standards somewhat high.  You give an inch and they’ll take a mile.  It will be intersting to see how this goes.  He will be missed.

This realllly sucks for a few reasons.  Among them being that I will resume having to do my own groceries again.  It has been months and months.  This really sucks.  I HATE SHOPPING OF EVERY KIND ! ! ! ! !

Does anyone know how to do M3p’s ?  I have to make some of those….

Ever wonder why she broke up with you? Now you know ~ hahahaha !

April 27, 2010

The book…

April 27, 2010

The true book I just read was supposed to be shocking.  It was about dumbass teenagers going to a really expensive Boston prep school (I looked it up on the internet and it costs about 43 grand per year to be a boarding student there) in 2005.  Want to know about the “big” sex scandal???   The stupid shocking “sex scandal” was that some 15 yo girl blew 5 guys in the locker room in a row.  Wowwy.  Big deal.  2 consecutive nights before she blew 3 guys.  Guys are pigs anyways so I wasn’t upset that the guys had to go to court and got charged etc.  Those hockey mentality jocks are made of the most stupid fibre.  If I went to that school I probably would’ve spray painted something like  “I will provide the magnifying glass and tweasers if anyone else wants to suck my peehole” on the guys cars.   teehehehehehehe

A Fun Task For My 18 yo Domme in training

April 27, 2010

Last night I showed Sabrina my new home and then we drove around the creep y trailer park which is a few miles away.  They apparently rent pontoon boats there etc so that is exciting.

I thought of a fun challenge for Sabrina – no, it’s not SExUAL – perv.  The two bathrooms downstairs are side by side so I’m going to decorate one and she’s going to do the other then we’re going to have 3 neutral judges determine the winner.  If she wins then I will pay her double for a job well done.  We’re both REALLLLLLLLY competitive so this shall be interesting.  I think I will do  light light lilac purple metallic walls with black & white zebra print accessories plus some gold antique shiny details and copper pegasus taps etc.  It shall be GRANDOIS.  Perhaps even a mini chandalier.

Fun Day

April 26, 2010

I had a fun day at the casino and taking my friend out for lunch.  Soooo difficult being me.  I also went and bit all my gorgeous nails off — I NEVER do that !

TONS of guys stare at me at the casino.  Besides for me being overly attractive do you think it could have anything to do with me being the only one under 80?  Hmmmmm….

I’m off to do some light yard work and later on I shall see if I have my current residence rented out for June or July.   Ideally July 31st so I don’t have to rush things.  REAL GODDESS’s shouldn’t rush!

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