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March 25, 2010

I went motorcycling and had my hair done.  I like walking through the mall carrying  my helmet, it certainly makes me look even HOTTER !

I have a funnnn free free free weekend… God knows what delicacies are in store for me.

I could make time for a RT sub this weekend.  Know any?

My hair turned out tremendous and the 19 year old stylist (Stephanie) loooved hearing my Dominatrix tales.  I love getting my hair done.  😉



March 23, 2010

Yesterday I stayed logged on by accident even though I was out.

I took a friend out for lunch and then to the Casino.  I also bought the new sub a leather jacket because I felt like it.

I had a tremendous day and managed to get some shopping in as well.  My friend asked if that’s how I spent my days and I told him that oftentimes – yes, doing whatever I like.

I had a stranger sub cancel for tomorrow—–  dick.  Shocking.  Soooo many subs aren’t serious and are just playing around.  Shocking !

Molly’s coming on Thurs. this week instead but I’m not switching around the days ANY MORE !!!

Oh… someone just woke up — gotta’ go.

PS   Message Me for My freeeeeeeeeeeeeee HOT pics !!  If I like you I will send them !


March 20, 2010

The reason I’m not available all the time on weekends or weeknights is because that is THE BUSIEST TIME FOR A REALLLLLLLL DOMINATRIX. 

Some girls may have time to be available for the phone all the time but hot girls like me also go out often.  Factoid.  Go figure.

I Hope…

March 20, 2010

I hope to begin my pilot’s lessons again.  They are realllly expensive.  I’d love to pay for the whole shebang beforehand in one fell swoop.

I Fucking HATE vibrators ! ! !

March 20, 2010

I had the sub bring Me a new vibrator today — and a bunch of other stuff.

I wear out sooo many vibrators – whether the cost $20 – $150 – the motor always burns out.  I think perhaps you’re not supposed to use them for 3-4 hours in a row?  I only used this one for about 15 mins and it began to lose power.  FUCKING THING !!!  I was really looking forward to a date with it.  Pure clitoral stimulation until I have an annnngry orgasm and shoot watery sugary cummm a few feet across My couch !  I am very multi orgasmic and love to reach that animalistic primal stage of orgasm where it feels like My head literally goes straight to heaven !!!  I cum hard and fierce and scream.  My main sub’s neighbours started giving him dirty looks when we began dating.  I am a sex MONSTER at times and I usually have sex EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Why else would I keep a man around?  I try men out on the first night because if they aren’t super in bed then I don’t want to waste My time.  I feel ripped off right now.  I will have Molly bring a pocket rocket on Wed.  The sub today also brought some AMAZING gift certificates, shoes and a new purse.   🙂  Oh, and an inflatable dildo I pinched from him and a new whip with rubber tassles.  I found out it hurts more.

I freaked the sub out today when he was hog tied.  He was actually kind of annoying to tell you the truth.  Sabrina was here for the session… well I had her join for about 30 mins of the 3 hour session.  We looked hot but I couldn’t find the proper bottoms so I wore black skin tight tiny shorts with the black corset, fishnets and hooker boots.  I AM ONE HOT BITCH.  Wish I could clone myself and date Me.

The main sub will be here in about an hour.  I may take him out for dinner with one of the gift certificates.  Tomorrow is his one year anniversary of being My main sub.  He’s the one in the pics. 

Speaking of pics…..  I have THE GOOD PICS now.  They are not for sale but I will e-mail them  (for free)  to those I like  A LOT.  If I forgot you then just message Me.  I REFUSE to have fake pics because I AM HOT.. although on niteflirt I cannot show My face to the world – you know, I DO have a life and people sometimes wonder if I’ll run for mayor.  fact.  I will do cam in the future to established subs. 

I’m bored.  I’m chairman of the board.  Seriously actually.

Cunt wait to have the HUGE amazing dungeon within a year.  I will be taking reservations in the future for r/t sessions in the coolio dungeon. 

My cunt is hunnnngry.

I received some bad feedback from a prude.  hahahaha

My cat is driving Me nuts meowing.  Her baby died and she’s sad.  At least My dog is crazy in a non annoying way.  I just decided not to capitalize Me, My, Myself etc. anymore.  It will be a hard habit to break.  I think I’ll re-think that one. mememememe

My favourite word is magnanimous.

My bright red lipstick stained my (mY) lips today.  It won’t come off.  I was tricked into buying $35 lipstick from a make-up artist and up seller extraordinaire. Annnnoying, but at least it works.  Lancome.

My house is super clean.  Still pissed about the anti-vibrating.  I dropped Sabrina off especially to indulge.  Plus she was feeling a bit sad…  teenage stuff.  Glad I’m rubbing off on her though.  She would be a lot more emotional if she didn’t have me as a role model.  I’m a good one.  My life is very together and I have no addictions at all – don’t even drink coffee.  I would be addicted to vibrators if the fucking things ever worked. 

I type super fast but look at the keys.  I HATE computers.

My cat will drive me insane eventually.  She ALWAYS sounds like she’s in heat.  Apple doesn’t fall far.

I should really write a column for the paper this week.

I started a book and it sucked so I read the two last pages and they sucked too.  A complete waste of $33.   I am disgusted with myself.

The cat’s and pussies are a meowing tonightt I’ll tell ya boy.  I think perhaps we both need it bad.  At least I’ll get mine within a few hours !  Yummmmm  COKCCOCKCOCKCOCKCCOCKCKCOCOCK !  @!#!#&^%


March 19, 2010

I fell asleep for the first half of Alice In Wonderland – I had went out gallavanting the night before.

I have a sub coming from 3 hours away right now.  He  THINKS I’m going to fuck him up the asshole but he thinketh wrongeth.  That is something he will have to earnnnn.  Unless of course I change My mind on a whim !   He’s the sub who I almost met in a restaurant YEARS ago but he chickened out when he saw me from the front lobby and knew I was waaay out of his league.  True story.  He has been making it up to Me via gift cards in the mail for the past 6 months !!!

Blah blah blah…

March 19, 2010

My sub had the times confused yesterday thus he was late.  Sooooo, the only thing I let him do was clean My home.  Boring for me —- and it WOULD have been boring for him.  But it wasn’t — because he was cleaning   MY !   home.

It’s rainin’ subs – hallelu…

March 18, 2010

Lots and lotsa subs this weekend. 

I’m pissed though — a sub got the time mixed up for today.  Supposed to be 11 and he thought 1 –He was soooo worried I’d dismiss him.  He wouldn’t be so lucky.  He WILL pay today.

Sabrina was over last night and we had fun.  We butt horns sometimes but that’s to be expected.

I am having the dumb slut bring something delicious for lunch today.  I KEEP thinking it’s Friday today but it’s not.

I want to get another Dominatrix outfit this weekend.  We’ll see.  I am fussy.  I am in the mood for something red, purple or deep pink.  I usually hate pink though — especially baby pink.  Yuck.

I ordered some pro basketball tickets on line the other day and they haven’t came yet.  Fuck.

I have My over night at one of the best spas in the world soon.  I had to cancel it in Feb. as I was on a ski vacation.  Poor Me.

I left My kitchen realllly messy for Molly — she fucked up bad.

I loooove My new Kiss Me Cobra deep red high heels I received last week.  I haven’t worn them out yet.

My red hooker boots are disintegrating — the ones with the sub licking semem off them.  I have been wearing them for about 7 years now.  No wonder they’re almost done.  😦   When I wore them 2 days ago I received 2 compliments on them — from women.  That always happens with My footwear.

If you are in the Toronto Canada area let ME know and you can come to My home and serve Me.  In the not too distant future I shall be coming to New York twice a year to session.  I have no limits.  ;)))))))  SERIOUSLY !

100 % True

March 16, 2010

I don’t deal in fantasies or fiction.  My blog is realllly all about Me and yes — it is a ll true.  Fact IS stranger than fiction.

Looks Like…

March 16, 2010

… I’m probably going to be starting My pilot’s lessons again in a bit.  CUNT WAIT….  I can FOR SURE see Myself in the future doing small charters and charging people $500 bucks for a 2 hour romantic getaway and a chance to join the mile high club —  which OF COURSE I am a member.  I just can’t remember if I was returning from Vegas or Bahamas.  Oh  —  and I DID give a pilot a quick blow in the COCKpit when I went to Europe.  I was 18.