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Molly was over yesterday…

February 25, 2010

Great fun time which I will write about within a few days because the life of a Goddess is tiring and I need to relax even more — if that is even possible.  I went out for 10 hours gallavanting yesterday and it was   

 F U N !


I Know, I Know.

February 19, 2010

Often times I feel that I am wayyyy too intelligent and attractive to be a Dominatrix.  Why you ask?  Because I have to deal with too many fake fucktards and it is sooooo annnoying.  It’s hard being the only REAL Goddess I’ve met because many subs have served trash who’s standards are sooo much lower than mine.  A sub needs to RESPECT their Domme on many many levels and most other Dommes haven’t achieved this level of service or earned it for that matter.

I’ve ran a division of a fortune 500 company, been extensively published, received high acclaim, awards and success in the art field and a multitude of other things.  There is a very good chance I’m smarter, wiser and more interesting than MOST MOST MOST potential subs.  One of My main subs has an IQ of the top 2 percentile in the world.  Fact.  And it is a fact that I don’t like to surround Myself with trash.

Fuck !!!!!!!  Looking to expand My stable is soooo labour intensive but ultimately extremely rewarding and satisfying.  I’m lucky if I find one superb sub a year.

Please, if you’re a dick then do not call Me.  I’m reaaaalllllly not even 1% interested ! ! ! ! ! !

Things I Hate / Strongly Dislike…

February 19, 2010

– Subs who think they’re experienced because they have paid “Dommes” before.  They usually only like a few things.  They tell the “Domme” what they want and then they get it.  Stupido.

-I had some dicklick hang up after a minute at 2 in the morning when I left My niteflirt line on by accident.  I couldn’t get back to sleep so I fired off a very  honest letter to him.

-Arrogant Men.  Give Me a break.  If you came to My home and laid eyes on Me then you’d know what a putz you really are.

-************** Educated derelicts.  Tonssss of them to be found.

-“Men” who “claim” to be serious about meeting but aren’t.  A dime a dozen.

-Those who prefer fantasy over reality.  What’s the fucking point ????

-New cars.  What a waste.  Give Me blue chip stock any day.

-Men who only like to lick clean shoes and assholes.  Oh no, not a dirty one.  What’s the friggin’ point?

-Subs under 25 years old.  Waste of TIME every time.  Young men are only good for stamina and only after they get the first load out of the way.

-Guys named “Michael”.  The most popular fake name BY FAR is “Michael”.

-Men who think that “phone girls” are actually REAL DOMMES when only about  0.25 % are on here.  No matter how real they claim they are I discover fake ones each and every day.  Whatever.  Guess I just choose reality every time.  Love those thousands of fake pics as well.

-Guys who think they are so well endowed.  So what?   It’s not like I’d let that DISGUSTING thing near Me anyways !

-A million other things regarding men’s lack of emotional maturity etc etc.

-People who can’t spell and probably don’t even try.

-Spell checker.  When I don’t know I use a DICTIONARY.  You know — that book thing.

-Computers !!!!!

-Niteflirt “girls” who have all kinds of pics and videos but don’t do cam.  Are you guys really that fucking retarded? Can you say “fake” ?  I WILL DO CAM for subs who I like who request it and who I am FAMILIAR with !  Usually though —- those ones just come serve Me in My HOME !

-Did I say I HATE computers.  Worth repeating for certain.

SUCH a productive day…

February 16, 2010

My sub Molly (aka: Kevin, feels WEIRD thinking of her as Kevin) is cummming over tomorrow between about 11am till 3 or 4pm.  I’m doing an Ownership Ceremony.  I have a special gift for her that is a collectors itemworth $400.  I SOMETIMES like to spoil My subs back.  I am wearing a 16th Century Courtesan dress tomorrow !  HOTHOTHOT.  I have worn it many Hallowe’ens and it is stunning!  I will be reciting a bunch of Shakespeare tidbits from memory and a bunch of other things.  I will probably use a sword to “knight” her.  I will be wrapping her whole body in saran wrap and cutting out holes for genetalia.  She will be going into chastity for QUITE a while tomorrow.  I break off the key in the lock and personally carve designs in the lock.  tehehehhe.  She was sooooo glad I didn’t put her in chastity for the past 2 weeks !  I like Molly a lot and I ESPECIALLY like My MAIN sub who’s been with Me for just about a year.  Both of My bitches help make My life even more spectacular than it was before — if that is possible.  I love that I have sooo many gorgeous fucking outfits to choose from.  I especially LOVE that I get to basically do whatever I want each and every day.  Karma’s a fair bitch that way.  I do sooooo deserve it.  I CUNT wait to have the MOST AMAZZZING dungeon in less than a year.  Right now subs come from about 1-6 hours away to serve Me.  In the future I KNOW they will come from all over the world.  No joke.  I will be one of the best — Oh wait, I already am.  I LOVE seeing  “dommes” on TV whos subs have defected to Me in the past.  Sure is nice being the “Real Deal”.  It’s all cerebral My boy and certainly all innate.  So very easy being Me.  Believe Me — every word I write in My journal is 100 % true.  Come serve Me at My home to be razzle dazzled.  Guaranteed you won’t be the same.  Why would you want to be?  I love living inMy glorious bubble !  MMMMMMMmmmmm…..FUCK I’m looking forward to tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mostly Just Looking for Real Time Subs These Days…

February 16, 2010

What’s new with Me?

– a fabulous vacation

-skating the Rideau Canal


-fucking ***

-getting stalked by a boyfriend I broke up with 5 ! years ago.  Guess I’m hard to get out of one’s system.

-amazzzing restaurants in different cities

-Museum of Civilization for 5 hours.  Especially love the kiddies and stamp sections.

-Learned how to play yeuchre and kicked ASS against a bunch of guys

-hung out with the Domme-In-Training

-cooked superb meals !!!

-hung out with My perfect canine friend

-watched a few movies at the theatre and on DVD

-went for drinks and met a bunch of new people

-thought about buying a new house and heard of a new one to look at soon

-went for a facial at a resort

-went swimming a few times

-got eaten out tons and tons and tons of times

-etc etc

Right now I am mostly concentrating on building the stable.

Update: CB3000 and a Fun Play Date Today…

February 4, 2010

I like My new sub A LOT.   Last week she was double-dommed by Sabrina and Me.  What an INCREDIBLE surprise for the lucky skank!  I put her in chastity.  Today she came back and I let her out of chastity— a CB 3000 curve, I believe.  I had broken the key off in the lock last time and had drawn designs in the lock with a sharp needle to make sure the lock was still the original — I KNEW it would be of course but just a little extra piece of mind.  I am letting her out of chastity for 2! weeks until I see her again.  She was VERY relieved.  She knows that everytime she cums until seeing Me she has to buy Me a $20 gift card.  Haahahahaha

I allowed her to jerk it for Me and cummm all over MY couch.  She licked it all off.  I allowed her to eat her spaghetti lunch with utensils as opposed to out of My dog’s dish today.  She was happy.

I hog tied her and scared the shit out of her.  She’s fun to play with.  I like My new Molly.  I love My life.  I like My subs to love theirs also.  I only surround Myself with quality.

PS  Thanks to the ironingboard fellow for the comment.  I very much enjoy comments but it seems that most guys don’t enjoy leaving them which I honestly think is fucking retarded.  I know people read this blog and do not understand why they wouldn’t leave a dumb comment — or a smart one for that matter.  I DO REWARD subs for making Me happy you know.  And IB – write again…

I Have Been Soooo Busy Lately…

February 1, 2010

I haven’t been blogging as much as usual as I am VERY busy interviewing subs at My home.  LOVE IT !

I won’t be around for a week beginning this Friday as I am going on a skiing vacation with the main sub.  Mmmmmm,  nothing like a super fun all expenses paid vacation.

God, it’s good to be Me.