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This Past Week…

January 25, 2010

I have a new domestic bitch “Molly” who cleaned My floors and bathroom this past week.  She will be coming once a week now.  I also spanked her and whipped her and slapped her and all around made her My bitch !!!

Sabrina and I were going to do a double Domme scene on Saturday but we couldn’t find anyone WORTHY enough !  Instead we went for dinner and a drink.  Boys are sooo fucking stupid !

I had amazzzzzing pics of Me taken yesterday morning in full Dominatrix garb.  I looked hot !  Pics of Me ARE available now.  I wish I could put them on My niteflirt profile but I just had it professionally done so I can’t add them.  My main sub spent $600 for that new site – it’s incredible isn’t it?

I have acquired a new online sub from New York who I plan on meeting within 3-4 months.  Lucky bastard ! 

New subs are always pleasantly surprised with how gorgeous and spotless My home is when they come over.  Did I tell you that I may be getting a larger home in a year so I can have a fully equipped dungeon in the basement?  It will have a spinning wheel to tie them to, a bird cage, animal cages and a whole bunch of other things.  Looks like I’m going even bigger than I am now !!!  MMMmmmm.

PS  I have PICS on CollarMe now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New FREEEEEEEE Pics of Me…

January 25, 2010

I have MANY new pics of Me now…. get a hold of ME and I WILL send you some — for FREE !

I know I am much better looking than you imagined.

Currently looking for new Real Time subs.

If you do not live near Me then call Me on niteflirt and perhaps we can work something out.

Aren’t you kicking yourself in the ass now  ???

Yesterday’s Session.

January 20, 2010

Yesterday I had a sub over for a few hours.  It was fun doing wax, tease & denial, etc etc.  I will be keeping this one around for a while.  He only lives an hour and a half away… lucky sub. 

I wore a beautiful wet look black short NEW dominatrix outfit with a classy fur and leather vest plus some kickass black shoes.  No gloves though.  He brought Me a gorgeous shiny boustier with a black shiny skirt.  It was the wrong size as My tits are huge so last night I returned it and got another one with more tit room.  He also brought me lovely shoes, boots and a handbag.

Next time he comes over we shall be doing some ass training.  I’m having him bring various vegetables and dildos.  Oh the FUN to be had.  He will also be cooking for Sabrina, My main sub plus Myself.  I am having him prepare two dinners one night and am very much looking forward to it.

So far I have 2 regular subs plus some floaters.  I am currently adding to My stable but this shouldn’t take too long – given My uncanny ability to weed out the trash.  I will be VERY busy during the next few weeks doing real time sessions so make sure to call Me when I’m on as it will be less and less.

A New Sub For ME from Collarme…

January 12, 2010

On Sunday I met a brand new sub who only lives an hour away.  When he arrived I was very glad that he was clean shaven as instructed.  He seemed like a very nice fellow.  I was extremely happy with the degree of efficiency which he carried out his pre arrival tasks.

He of course was extremely happy with how I looked – I am honestly one hot sexy looking woman and only getting better.   I always know I will be much better looking than the subs who come to My home.   I was glad to wear My gorgeous new corset, large holed fishnets and some other goodies.  I will be spending a lot of time this month interviewing prospective subs.  I like meeting subs at My home far better than phone domination — although that can be really fun at times too though.   The other day I spoke to a sub from niteflirt for what I thought was about 20 mins and it turned out to be almost an hour.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

The sub on Sunday left with some new marks on his body — you have to love that.  It is just sooo therapeutic whipping and spanking men.  Not to mention squeezing the shit out of their coconuts!  When I hog tied him I though he was going to shit his pants.  He will be taking a lot more pain in the future.

I’m really looking forward to this cummming month ! ! ! ! ! !

A Letter I Just Received………….. (Ever sooo slowly turning a hot alpha male into my loyal sissy bitch.)

January 7, 2010

I like that you hint at your desires to me.  I want our relationship to continue in this way.  I can totally see that if this story happened to you it would be so hot that it is sizzling!


That sounds like my girl.  Did you write this?  I realize there are times when you could do this very thing with not just 2 guys but with many more.  The pleasure that you give me sexually is over the top!  I especially like getting you off and having you squirt all over my shoulders and face and then grabbing me by the shoulders as your mind goes straight to heaven.  I love the thought of taking you from behind and fucking you so hard that your moans of pleasure are so loud that it drives me even harder.  I want you all to myself but realize that you are so horny and wet all the time that you are a sex machine.  And I also know that you can walk into any bar and have any guy that you want, and more. I have had to evolve in extreme ways in order to be with you and enjoy the pleasures that you can provide me with.


Having said that, I love you and want to be with you forever and treat you like the jewel that you are.


I want to look after you and say that everything will be alright.  I need the times where you come to the back of the boat and cuddle with me and give me a big kiss.  You are loving towards me and the lover of the universe!


I want to be a part of your life and to see you happy every day that you are with me.  I love how you treat me as though I have never been treated in my whole life by a woman.  You look into me deeply and sexually, and most of all we enjoy each other and get along and have a lot of life fun.


I always want you to be happy with good memories of sex.  I only desire to be included in those memories and continue to for you to have the times sexually that will make you happy.


I miss you, and love you.  And I will see you Friday.


Sucking and Fucking: How I Like Things !

January 7, 2010

I like my men submissive to me but dominant with everyone else.  I have a real knack for make bitches out of real men.  They of course are richly rewarded.

I need to have cuckolded boyfriends because my sex drive is so INSANELY high.  How could I ever just have one man in my life?  I remember in my early 20’s there was a point where I had 5 boyfriends.  It seemed to me to be the perfect amount.  I had one of them (who eventually turned into my husband) pay my rent, others just for their cocks and others yet to serve me and provide a VIP lifestyle.  I have only ever known men to serve me.  Nothing else.  Ever.

This weekend is going to be soooo fun as I am meeting 2 !!!  new subs.  It has been a bit since I have been intensely looking.  I have a feeling this year is going to be grand ! 

I’m still reeling from the AMMMAAAAZZZING sex a few days ago.  My cunt was feeling it for days – LOVE IT !  I usually have sex every single day and if I go for more than a few days without then I get bitchy.  Right now I am so happy it’s a bit ridiculous actually.  All is how it should be.  In the next few months I have some REALLY fun activities cummming up.  I cunt wait to go to the spa next month and stay in my own little cottage.  I know I will be having tons of sex but I can’t scream too loud as I plan on going back there again and again.

I have my toy box out right now as I have to organize it.  It is actually pretty large.  I can’t wait for the day when I have my extensive dungeon.  It’s inevitable !  But for now I sure do have an extensive supply of toys.  I have a sub shopping for me right now as I write this at one of the largest BDSM stores in the world.

I wish to you all a Very Very Happy New Year……………………. !

7 Hours of Hard Core Fucking…

January 5, 2010

All that I felt like doing yesterday was getting fucked and sucked for 7 hours – 830am -330pm.   I actually got fucked so hard I bled.  I loved the mixture of yellow alligator high heels, longggg red leather gloves, cherry red lipstick everywhere and enough cum to slip and slide for hours.  I made an adult play pen of sorts in my livingroom and then let the fun begin.

This weekend I shall begin my interviews for new subs ! ! !

Happy New Year…

January 1, 2010

I just returned from a vacation and now I’m on My way out for New Years.  You see – HOT girls do that.  It’s a little thing called “having a life”.  No time to sit around waiting.  I would rather whip the shit out of your asses in person….tee hee hee

I am soooo glad about the extensive interviewing for new subs this cummming month.  I had been finding slim pickings on NF so it is time to try something different.  PLUS  Sabrina needs to get some more training under her belt as well.  The scene will never be the same with this latest expansion project — expanding wayyy more asses that is ! ! !