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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2009

I had planned on writing an extensive fucked up erotic  twisted free holiday story for good little bitches who read My profile however I am not sure who you are.   If you wish to get into My good graces then  call, e-mail, tribute or COMMENT.   Happy Holidays sluts.

PS   I will be doing extensive interviews for REAL TIME submissives at My home in January.


Gearing up for Christmas.

December 23, 2009

Tomorrow I am having my vegetarian friend over who also eats no sugar.  I have planned a special lunch including salmon (She says this doesn’t count as meat?).  I got her some beautiful sweaters for X-mas.  I have been pretty much ready for X-mas since Hallowe’en and it’s always that way.  This morning I went out for breakfast and grocery shopping for a few last minute items.  I also did the treadmill and  I jog pretty fast on that sucker.  I can’t wait to swim tons in Niagars Falls soon and do lots of back dives – not many people can do that.  I can also walk on my hands for a reaaallly long time.   The casino is also a callin’ and so are many of the hot 20’s boys who I like to fuck when I go there.  Thank God I am HOT and get whatever I want —-  no exceptions !  I love my life  !!!

I know I will increase the quality of my new sub’s lives greatly as they will mine.

I cunt wait…

Time for some SERIOUS sub interviewing in January…

December 23, 2009

January will be very busy for me meeting real time potential subs.  I will be on Niteflirt wayyy less because I haven’t met enough SERIOUS subs and it just gets frustrating.   Where have all the good subs gone?  Oh wait – there weren’t too many to begin with.  The thing that makes things difficult for me is the high level of quality I offer.  I am genuinely dominant and I crave quality subs who bring a lot to the table thus —  I am VERY fussy!

I am uber accomplished,  extensively published and very  successful.  I have served on boards of directors and executive boards.  I am extensively travelled, own good real estate and COMPLETELY have my shit together.  As a bonus I am QUITE attractive and sexual.  I can also squirt half a litre – seriously.    I demand the best of others!

Blah blah blah….

I will let you know how the search goes.  Currently there are 3 subs I plan on meeting for sure to serve me on an on going basis.  Bye for now.

December 20, 2009

I went on there a few days ago for the FIRST TIME  and hopefully I will be meeting subs soon.  It’s better than I had heard actually.  I think I am good at sorting through the bullshit.  I did let one dick call me at home and he ended up being a real jackass.  I just want to find some quality stellar subs to serve me at my home.  Is that so difficult?

(I have found most of my subs in the past on  phone dating lines in the BDSM section plus of course in everyday life as well.)

Cross Dressers 101:

December 18, 2009

Look for this in the near future for some handy dandy tips!

Shoe Shopping Last Night

December 18, 2009

I let my sub take me shoe shopping and out for dinner.  I ended up getting a brown leather jacket instead.  I shall wait till Christamas for it.  It is VERY nice and I like it a lot more than shoes.  I’m glad I have an amazing sub (in tons of ways).  I also went for A BUNCH of drinks last night – I’m not hungover though.  I saw a group of jock type guys at the bar and I could tell that at least 60% of them will be sucking cock someday – it was sooooooooo obvious!  Nothing worse than a closet cock sucker… just go do it for fuck’s sake and quit it with the “I don’t want to do that – I’m married with kids”.  FYI:  TONS of cock suckers are married – a SHITLOAD. 

Just so you know — I have some INCREDIBLE stories for 5.99 on my niteflirt profile – and yes – there is a lot of cock sucking going on in the 4 part story.  (Oh wait, I forgot – you’re married.)

A New Cross Dresser for Me???

December 18, 2009

I began corresponding with a cross dresser a few days ago.  He/she lives just 20 minutes from me so I will PROBABLY let her take me out for lunch this weekend.  It seems she is a good cook and house keeper.  I will let her cook for myself, Sabrina and main sub – lucky little bitch !   She looks pretty in her pics and I also want to see her in regular clothes.  Like me she is also in her 30’s.  I have A LOT of clothes at my home to dress her up in ie. ballgowns, large lingerie, furs, jewels, wigs etc etc etc.  This will be tons of fun and I’m REALLY looking forward to meeting her.  I’m sure Victoria will make a fabulous little sissy bitch maid for me.  I wonder if she’s hot regularly and what size her cock is.  I am nothing if not a size queen…  Not that I’ll fuck her of course but I DO like to play – and men always find me irresistable!

(I will figure out how to put pics on here soon so I can include pics of lots of things including my latest v. acquisition.)

Cock and Ball Torture

December 15, 2009

This is what I’m in the mood for this weekend….

Any takers  ????????????

Joe? Joe Who? The Sub That Got Away…almost!

December 15, 2009

Over 2 years ago I had a sub named Joe over ONCE.  I let him literally drink about 2 cups of my watery cum – I could actually hear him gulping.  I also remember I wouldn’t whip him or spank him much because he wanted it sooooo bad – teeheehee.  I raped him of his 10 fave CDs and he prepared for me an INCREDIBLE meal – which he cooked at his home and brought over.  He lived over an hour away.  I never did see him after that.  We spoke a few times though.  He was nice, a former model and much much too thin.

Lately he’s been calling.  He told me something rather startling.  It seems that when he was here he had such an overwhelming urge to be my 24/7 slave that it “scared the shit out of him”.  Never had a woman had that effect on him before and had I at that time extended the invitation then he would’ve willingly did all and everything I wished 24/7  – ie  caging, cocksucking 101, anything!  I was very surprised by that revelation.  This desired effect sometimes takes weeks.

I am allowing him to send me a spectacular X-mas present from the best fetish store around – it will probably be a leather corset.  Mmmmm  I cunt wait.  I am having my main sub build a new spectacular cage soon.  This newest addition male will be spending a lot of make up time in that new cage.  Plus he will probably be outfitted in his CB2000 as well for quite a while ! ! !

I will use him for some new double sub experimentation which I have been planning for awhile.  I like having more than one sub at a time – the most being 4 thus far.  What a lovely Christmas present.


December 15, 2009

Really, what could be better than being a Dominatrix?    Every man is good for at least SOMETHING – I just figure out what it is.  I think I will troll for some new subs on the local dating line today.  I’d like to interview quite a few in the early new year.  I LOVE the first time they come to my home.  They pull in, my jack russel begins to bark, my heart races and   VOILA ! – I open the door to see my latest snack.  I live for the adrenaline!  They are always soooo happy to see that I am even hotter than I let on.

Do you know anyone who’s looking to serve a REAL hot young Mistress with her shit together?  If so, let me know!  I’m currently taking visitors!