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From Friday’s Scene: The Art of Face-Sitting

November 30, 2009

The thing I like about Friday’s scene is that a few days later I can interrogate this particular sub about his opinions of the scene.  He is a main sub so a high level of familiarity has been established with him thus I use him as a guinea pig to extract info.  from.   I’m not a sub and while I try to guess what they like best I’m not always correct.  What they like best and what I like best often varies greatly.  I love having a guinea pig because it’s not like I’m going to call regular clients/subs and say “Ugh, by the way, what did you like the best about the scene, uh, not like I care you know”. 

This sub has had 2 main scenes thus far.  The first was more hard core and consisted of flogging , wax etc etc and this scene was more sensual.  I asked him if he had 100% total to work with what percentage of the pie would he give the 1st scene and what part of the “pie” for the second?  He said the 1st would be 35% and the second 65%.  I WAS shocked.  I had favoured the first one WAYYYYY more.  It was much more of a work of art – better outfit, more variety, effort, dialogue – everything.  I asked him why he liked the second better.

It seems that it blew his mind when I did this little thing I didn’t do the first time.  While he was blindfolded and taped and lying on the floor I would somtimes walk by like I was walking somewhere else and Swiftly lower my cunt onto his face and  give him a great big faceful like my cunt was bread and sopping up gravy on his face plate.  It was done swiftly and only lasted about 15 seconds.   Lucky bastard.

That night I watched him masturbate for me and let him use a dildo and his tongue on me and we both ended up having the biggest fucking orgasms EVER.   I actually had to end the scene abruptly and much earlier than expected because we were both so spent.  I cum A LOT—  lot lot lot.  I squirt like a mother fucker.  I was in a different world afterwards so we just sat on the couch and watched CSI.  It’s the most either of us could muster the energy to do.

For 2 days after he had an almost permanent hard on and it was even significantly harder than usual.  I give myself an A++ for a job well done.  I wish I had way more WORTHY subs right now.  They are hard to find but when I do find them they stay that way – HARD ! ! ! !


About Last Night

November 28, 2009

I have a tinch of a headache right now so this will be PART of what I want to write…

A few things I did with the sub last night:

-he loves gloves so I ran my laced up red gloved hands slowly and erotically over every inch of his body while he was blindfolded

-lots of foot worship – of course

-some light spanking and flogging


-bitch slapping

-I enjoyed taping him up with some tape I got right after our last scene together

-rubbing my perfect feet all over his face

-TONS of tease & denial

Listen — I couldn’t get around to the food exploration because something else came up which was very different but terrific.  I’ll write more about it later but to tell you the truth I don’t want other people stealing my ideas and I did something very new which popped into my head.  If you leave me a comment,  send me a message on NF or call me then I will tell you.  I won’t post everything here because I do not believe that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery !  I hate my ideas being stolen so just drop me a line, send a tribute – whatever.

I am dying to tell people though.   I will tell you this though — it was VERY rewarding!

And of course I’ll tell you Martin.

(I almost forgot…  I ended up just wearing a black bra and panties under the kimono instead — AMAZING look and a few pics were taken.)

Things you don’t know about Me………

November 28, 2009

He’ll be here in 2.5 hours and the house is immaculate.  The 5 rotating CD’s are chosen – a jazz one (I met the guy singing), James Blunt, Motown Favourites, Nat King Cole and Michael Buble.    I’m in my 30’s, just so you know.

Here are some things about preparing for my scenes and  my Scenes themselves which you don’t know.  Feel special that I have even taken time to write this and cut into my busy schedule…

-I clean my fridge spotless because he will be fetching drinks from it

-I don’t use fetish candles for play — only whatever I have lying around.  teeheehee (They are ALWAYS blindfolded for wax so they don’t know it’s coming.)

-I clean my toilet with a cloth and no gloves.  Doesn’t bother me a bit.   I’m just glad I own a toilet and beautiful home.

-My house may not be larger than some of the subs who come over but it is probably decorated better.   My home screams “Interesting As Shit”.  Huge circles are painted on the walls in my front foyer – by me of course.

-My subs usually like my couches best.   I have 2 large brown leather identical couches.   Many a sub has licked his jizzz off  them.  It is many of their first times licking jizz.  This is non negotiable!

-I can’t decide for sure which shoes to wear tonight.  I have about 50 stellar pairs.

-I have nervous energy before a scene.  Very Exciting !

Gotta go.  I have to do my nails and toes then relax and then get ready.  Hope you have a fun night.  I know I will.  I even get to use my brand new living room.  Good night and I’ll tell you how it went tomorrow.  I MAY take some pics for subs who I like to view.  The food thing should be grand ! ! ! ! ! ! !

(Many subs have seen many pics of Me and if you haven’t yet it is because I don’t know you…)


Fuck , shit and Piss me off !

November 27, 2009

I have to get a hold of a general manager for a company as they over charged me for something.  I had to leave a message on the fucker’s machine.  If I don’t get my way (aka justice) then I will DEFINITELY write a LONG and SCATHING column for the newspaper about those cocksucker fuckers.  The pen IS oft mightier than the sword.  A  700 word column on page 3 should do it.  First page people read after they open the paper. 

If this nasty situation isn’t rectified I may even make up a bit of shit – not that I’ll need to.  I sued 2 people before (one was a fortune 500 company) out of necessity and I did it up right.  I nailed the fuckers to the wall.  I fired my one pussy lawyer and put out a look out for a bull dog lawyer.  Whatever it takes to get the job done.

I feel a bit better now but I was vibrating with anger a few moments ago.  If I need to publish something against those fuckers then perhaps I’ll copy it here for you.  I write a good hate letter.   Very colorful indeedy!

TONIGHT’S the night… gonna’ be all right! Scene Time !

November 27, 2009

I cunt write too much right now because I have a lot to do for tonight’s scene — plus some other crap. 

I need to clean my home spotless.  Find the candles.  Find ALL the toys – most are locked up in the big black box with silver hardware which lives in my bedroom.  I can tell YOU the combination but don’t tell anyone – 96 96 96.  My address when I was younger was 96.

I need to get together the PERFECT outfit.  I need to find this short black silky thing  which shows off my killer legs and ample cleavage which  I received from sub Phil/Mike.  I will be looking for a while.   I shall wear the new teal kimono over it but that will come off later in order to show off my luscious curves.  I will wear these oriental style black high heels and I will wear my hair in a provocative bun with chopsticks shoved in it.  Later on I will let my hair down.  Figuratively also of course.  I wear a phermone perfume on my cunt  plus Amarage Givenchy up top.   I may wear these thin long mary jane socks which I just received as a present from a sub last night (he also gave me a  pair of black fishnet with leather top lace ups which I already had). 

The scene will be set.  I need to invent some new tasks so I will luxuriate and brainstorm in the tub for about a half hour.  You can never be too prepared.

I have instructed him to pick up about 20 little things for me.  Tonight is a freebee basically.  I have been paid between $250 – $4000 for individual scenes.  I usually receive about $400 -$600 in gifts, gift cards or cash for each scene.  I have turned down many men as I can’t be bought and they must meet my high high standards.  Groceries are often bought and once I didn’t go grocery shopping myself for 6 months.  Shoes are also high on my list as well as sex toys and leather clothing.

The lighting must be perfect.  The music.  Me, of course.  It is a lot of work.  It is worth it.  It is therapy for me.

I shall do some things I’ve never done before.  I will watch how he reacts.  It is an experiment.  He is the prey. 

I will go as far as I like and I DO NOT believe in safe words.  Gay.   It defeats the whole purpose and gives him the power.  In the “real” world he has an abundance of power and with me he has none.  Not a fucking speck.

I already own his mind.  The steel hog ties are for show.  For ceremony.   Completely unneccessary really.  I only use metal.  Velcro?  That’s fucking retarded.

The right tools for the right job.  I better get to working, fixing, poking, prodding, planting, growing, sowing and fucking the whole friggin’ mess up.  Let the games begin.  BUT – in my case it’s reality.  It doesn’t get any realer then what I do… 

And I like it more than him…

Cock Gobbler…gobble gobble gobble

November 26, 2009

I think it’s ALMOST time to introduce the main sub to cock gobbling.  He’s known it’s been coming for awhile.  He’s the one who expressed an earnest desire in doing so.

Decision time.  Who do I make his first experience with?

Long soft flacid cock just hanging there between milky white thighs.  He bends his face down towards the awaiting host’s delicious cock and ball hors-d’oeuvres.  He looks it straight in the eye and swears that the fucker just winked at him.  His mind is transported into a dry dessert anti oasis and he imagines that the cock holds the only supply of liquid for miles and his throat is indeed parched.   He grabs that squishy rocket and drops on all fours.  His mouth envelopes that bad boy and he sucks like a calf on a tit.  Harder and harder – that wetness must be earned. 

What’s this?  Something is a stirring.  Mmmm it increases to twice it’s size.  He can feel the skin go taught in his mouth and the shaved pubes scratch his cheeks.  The sensation is undescribeable and it must be lived to be believed.  He can feel it wiggling, squirming and throbbing, coming alive in his mouth.  It wants to pop through his skull and cumm jumping out his right eye socket.  Adventurous little sucker.  Once out of his cranium that penile one eye smiles up at the sun, squints and says “Glad to meet you”.  It’s been a long trip and the fear and loathing aren’t over yet.  We’re on our way to Vegas to let the real fun begin.  The Venetian should do fine again with all those oh so desireable little blue wrapped circular soaps for the taking.  Much cock is to be found here.  We pull into a drive-thru and order a tranny with a side of fag.  Mmmm  – fags and their hags.  We know the possibilities are fucking endless.

We get into the big white caddy with alligator seat covers and I scream “Start Sucking!”  The ludes are taking hold and I know everyone’s  fucked.  They will do whatever I say and Oh YES – that sub will be sucking cock for me tonight ! ! ! !

I Stuffed His Asshole Like a Turkey…

November 26, 2009

I bent over the huskily built sub and thought about how many of his colleages would certainly get a kick out of this spectacle.   The VP of sales bent over ready to get stuffed by the sexy hot petite domme.  “Mmmmm, vigin ass!” she thought.  She spent the first 20 minutes teasing the shit out of him – playing with his nipples, squeezing and sucking them, rolling them in her fingers.  Biting them.  She loooved squeezing boy’s nuts and pulsating them to the rhythm of the music she played – usually classical, Jazz, or weirdly enough the soothing sounds of John Denver.  She was much too young for her taste in music.

She also enjoyed fucking sub’s asses with ice cubes.  Slippery little suckers.  She would pump that ice up there and listen to the sub moan and groan.  Fuck – how they loved that!  Just when he was at his breaking point she would slowly fuck his ass with her finger and then slip it deeper and deeper keeping time with the music.  Often it felt like the whole room was moving and you could feel the electricity in the air.

After a while of grinding my cock onto the brown hoop I would FINALLY let it slip inside.  Shallow but quick.  Over and over. Shallow but QUICK !   The sub would try to back his ass onto my cock but of course I will pull away again and again.  All in due time my little pretty.   Finally I impale him with my rock hard meatstick and begin to ram the fuck out of that ass.  My cock is being rammed in so vigorously that the lube is splashing out and splattering all over his ass cheeks.  As my hands firmly hold his ass in place I realize that I am leaving thumb print bruises on either side of his cheeks.  The poor sucker will have a hard time explaining that one to wifey.

I pump and pump that ass and it seems as though my head is swimming in blood.  Blood, shit and semen.  I fuck that ass with a vengeance and wonder where all this raw power comes from.  I am an animal in the hot sticky wet  jungle taking what is mine.  I am ready to feast and give thanks for the bounty which is presented to me on this special day.  I want the creammmmy white gravy to eventually blow out that massive throbbing cock.  I want the cranberry coloured squeezed balls to pop and I want to leave him soaked and worn out in the middle of my dinner plate.  Hopefully enough will be left over for some fool to come over and sop him up with a hunk of crusty bread.

“Mine. Mine. Mine!” I yell at the top of my lungs as that ass thrashes back and forth.  My nipples carve out my name in his back.  His is my property and I’ll have him any way I see fit. 

After 30 minutes of fucking I know he is DYING to explode.  He will have to wait until tomorrow.  For today is Thanksgiving and I sure did give him something to be thankful for.    Another day I may let him blow but be assured that he will be jerking it to thoughts of this day often…

Time to give thanks!  If you love reading my blog, are a sub of mine and/or are just nice  and would ENJOY giving thanks to me on this most special day then leave me a tribute, buy a story or (my most favorite) give me a little  Amazon present.  I can guarantee this Mistress will be thankful… Not as thankful as the sub in the story though…


Response To Martin…

November 26, 2009

Actually – the scenes ALWAYS exceed my expectations.  Nothing beats preparedness!

Want to know something funny?  When I first started doing  FULL BLOWN scenes (years ago) I used to write a list down for myself of about 20 possible ideas.  I still have some of those lists….  teeheehee

I will have some new posts later today…  I need to do some hard core lounging right now!

Prisoner of My Imagination…

November 25, 2009

You know – that’s exactly what it’s like.  My subs are subjected to whatever my imagination can conjure up – desirable or not.  That is the way it’s ALWAYS been.  And believe me – my mind is expansive.  I have actually been described as a creative genius in newspaper articles written about  me – for my artwork.  (That one was my favorite).

You see – what MANY potential subs don’t realize that it IS in all honesty about me.  The smart ones will put forth great effort right from the start and the rest get left in the dust.  I like gentlemen serving me because they already have much experience in service and a proven track record of anticipating what women want.

What I want is simple, I already have it, it’s called “happiness”.  Everything else is extra.

What do I need from you?  Nothing.  What do I want from you?  Everything – if I deem you worthy.  

I like to create interesting scenes with my subs and couldn’t care less if they fall into the standard BDSM confines.  I usually avoid all those trappings because I tend to have better ideas.  I also find fetish clubs fake and I have been to some famous ones.  In fact I have had many a sub defect from dommes I have seen on TV and come over to my camp.  I could be a famous domme if I chose that, if I had the time etc.

  In 7 years I will do BDSM hardcore for a year in NYC and save up 6 figures.  Guaranteed.  I will still be quite young and CERTAINLY younger than most.  And I know I will still be hot.    It won’t even be that difficult but I’m sure I will experience some burn out.  (Nothing grosses me out however.)

I love inventing things… But I can’t give away too many trade secrets!  (ask me about the ball bearings game for starters.) 

Give me a call on niteflirt.  Some days the calls have all but dried up  and you don’t want to wait too long and miss out on the real thing for once.

A REAL Domme is hard to find.  If you’re looking for a fake one – call someone else.  But,  if you are looking for a REAL Mistress – THEN CALL ME !

I NEEED A SCENE… Withdrawal is Setting In.

November 25, 2009

This Friday I am doing a scene FOR SURE !  Friday night’s theme is “Food Night”.

I discovered he HATES turnip so I will smear a bunch all around my nipples and PERHAPS let him suck it off.  Mmmmm

I LOVE lying a sub in my tub and pouring all kinds of food over him.  ie: ketchup, chocolate, honey.  Anything at hand.  Then when I am done I stand the sub up and draw pictures in the mess.  It’s FUN.

Sometimes I crack eggs on his head while he sits on my kitchen floor naked and crossed legged.

At times I watch him fuck fruit and butter and other things while I laugh my ass off.

I like food night but I have to be careful with bananas because I believe it is the potassium which makes delicate asses burn !  Not to mention vaginas.  I once mushed up a banana and shoved it in my pussy to let a boyfriend fuck it when I was younger.  BAD idea !